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  1. johndagolfer

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    Apr 2, 2006
    I am trying to look up a player who is in a tournament. Yet, when I type his name into tennislink it cannot find that player. How is it possible to have results, yet no file on the site?
  2. goober

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    Jun 9, 2004
    If he is tournament exclusive only, it will not show up on the search. Basically league players show up. The tourney results will only show if he also played league. There is a way to find his tournament results for this year if you click on his name under the either the applicant or competitor list (can't remember which).

    This is one things I could never figure out why doesn't the software allow you to see all results from tourneys/flex/regular leagues just from one name typed in. The USTA software has improved over the years but is still pretty bad when you compare it other products.
  3. Rob_C

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