Usta Rating In ******* Is A Joke !!!!!

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by twocents, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. twocents

    twocents Rookie

    Mar 1, 2004
    I've been playing USTA for more than 15 years. I was rated 4.5 right out of College like most people are and now at age 52 am a Benchmark 4.0.
    Since the Self rating system came into being a few years ago, 20 yr old (4.5)College Players are rating themselves as 4.0 so they can make the playoffs in some clubs. This includes the teaching pros who a couple years ago were playing 5.0. The also are rating 4.5's from their own clubs as 4.0. They say it's necessary to go anywhere in the playoffs. It doesn't make sense when these guys playing for Cleveland State a Yr ago are beating Teaching Pros 6-2,6-2 and are able to rate themselves as as 4.0s.
    Our captain wrote to the 4.0 Coordinator as to what's going on:
    I received an E-mail today from Ron Gander (4.0 coordinator) regarding my complaint about the team. He said there is nothing he can do about it, and referred me to the North East Ohio Coordinator Dale Hartwig. I sent Dale an E-mail today, and he responded back with a phone call.
    Dale is aware and understands this situation, but also told me that his hands are also tied. He said the USTA powers that be make up the rules. He does not agree with the self rating system, but does not have the power to change it.
    So go ahead rates yourselves 3.0, good luck in the playoffs, and tell Dale (he's always there at the playoffs) it's a great rule and you'll see him next year too.
    Any feedback positive or negative would be appreciated.
  2. goober

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    Jun 9, 2004
    I am surprised you have played USTA 15 years and you just come to realize this. Sandbagging is a time honored tradition that allows you to feed your ego by getting to Nationals. One of the recent 5.0 teams that won Nationals had several players that were former tour players ATP rankings in the 300-500 range and had a player that was conference player of the year in college just the year before.

    personally i don't care because if you play for the game for the competition and enjoyment of the game than it really doesn't matter what the other team is doing. If you are all about winning just start your own sandbagging team.
  3. Bungalo Bill

    Bungalo Bill G.O.A.T.

    Feb 19, 2004
    Sandbagging has always been a problem in tournaments. This is a tough one and the tournament directors are the ones that need to police this as much as possible.

    I happened to like when a pro provided the initial rating. The problem with that is some pros didnt rate properly. I think in general a college level player should compete at least in the 4.5 level of players, so I can see your point. Having something done about it is another thing all together.

    If you find this to be a huge problem in your area and you dont have the time and energy to fight it, play down and find the level that has the players you can have a healthy competition with.
  4. twocents

    twocents Rookie

    Mar 1, 2004
    I thought this was pretty funny THAT SOMEONE ELSE POSTED:
    2.0 - you just picked up your first racquet
    2.5 - wow you stink
    3.0 - well you're getting the hang of it but my grandma can beat you
    3.5 - not bad.. getting there.. you're starting to show some consistency
    4.0 - you're now intermediate.. you got a little game and can beat my grandma
    4.5 - you're getting pretty damn good.. in a couple years you'll beat my coach
    5.0 - you're advanced
    5.5 - you're an expert
    6.0 - you're in the minor leagues .. keep pushing to be a pro
    7.0 - wow you're finally making money.. but you have to be a top 50 player to make real cash.. so that means you're probably starving and living off your parents right now.

    I didn't just realize Sanbagging is going on. I know it's been going on for years but being able to rate yourself is ridiculous. All of the Dudes, when I played, including myself and those now coming out of Cleveland State are Legitimate 4.5s.
    ****IN MY OPINION I think I'm an average(or below) player****.
    I think the scale above is pretty sad but pretty accurate.
    If playing college and you're not a 4.5 you're probably the worst guy on the team and hardly play .
    I've seen and played in enough matches to know the difference between a 4.0 and 4.5. We play with our 4.5 playoff contenders every Tuesday. Two 4.0 teams have 3 or 4 (right out of college) 4.5s posing as 4.0s playing on both 4.0 and 4.5 teams and winning at the 4.5 level.
    The 4.5s in question play #1 singles and doubles.The problem is I'm a Benchmark 4.0 at 52 years old. I 've been playing the 2 spot since I've been rated down 4 yrs ago and have always had winning seasons (including this one) so I won't be rated down. It wouldn't be much fun playng 3.5. I occassionally sub for the 3.5s and it's not fun.
    I didn't realize SANDBAGGING was a Time Honered Tradition. I thought it was just for SCUMBAGS.
  5. Bungalo Bill

    Bungalo Bill G.O.A.T.

    Feb 19, 2004
    Yeah it is. I thought your rating system was pretty funny.
  6. TwistServe

    TwistServe Guest

    BB, that is actually a repost of my USTA rating scale! hehe
  7. SageOfDeath

    SageOfDeath Guest

    Yea... the ratings are really general... I think it should be required that someone else rate you because self ratings aren't accurate or fair.
  8. kevhen

    kevhen Hall of Fame

    Feb 20, 2004
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Yeah I think the USTA should use those ratings. We could all benchmark by playing your grandma.

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