V-Torque Tour

My order of Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour is backordered a few days, and with probably 15 hours on the string already and still not having tested V-Torque Tour, I decided to restring tonight. I purchased a set of the 1.20 thickness V-Torque Tour some time ago.

It has minimal coil memory and, like V-Square and V-Torque, is a very elastic string, though not quite as much as either of them. I strung it up at 53 in the center mains and 47 in the center crosses, a couple of pounds higher than the Silver 7 Tour that was in there, and roughly the same as V-Square when I tried that a few weeks ago.

Unlike V-Square, V-Torque Tour looked thicker than the 1.20 thickness it is supposed to be. Just running my fingers along it, I immediately thought that it feels a lot like Ytex Quadro Twist (a string I did not like) but just without the plasticky, coated feeling. Weaving crosses wasn't too difficult and the string was not noticeably sharp, but it makes a ratcheting sound when pulling the crosses across the mains. It's probably from the peaks and valleys of the twists sliding over each other. Installed, it is one gram lighter than the 17 gauge Silver 7 Tour that was in there before. The V-Torque Tour, along with V-Torque and V-Square, weight less and seem less dense than any other poly strings.

Hitting tomorrow morning. Will be curious to see how it performs compared to V-Square, which I strung at near the correct tension but which only lasted me four hours before notching through and breaking, and compared to V-Torque, which I strung too low and then lost tension, making it unplayable after just a couple of hours.

And a closeup of the string.



I break 1.30 in 4-7hours goodluck with 1.20 lol.

Its not the most durable but i like it alot, very good spin, quite soft and good feel.
I break 1.30 in 4-7hours goodluck with 1.20 lol.

Its not the most durable but i like it alot, very good spin, quite soft and good feel.
Had a 90 minute hit with it this morning, about 15 minutes of singles hitting down the middle and 75 minutes of pretty high level doubles.

It feels typical of the highly shaped Volkl strings (V-Square and V-Torque). It's powerful, soft, and very spin capable. I can see why I really liked V-Square the first time around to consider making it my go-to string.

However, now that I've had a chance to play with the Tourna Silver 7 Tour, I find that the V-Torque Tour power comes at the expense of control, or at least the feeling of control. It's a springy stringbed, without the deeper pocketing sensation that Silver 7 Tour gives. The Tourna is a much crisper feel. Also, the V-Torque seems to have a buzzing vibration when I mis-hit high off the stringbed, in addition to the impact shock. It's more comfortable than the Silver 7 Tour on mis-hits, but the feel is less pleasurable.

I think power levels are roughly similar between V-Torque and Silver 7 Tour. Both have good pop on the ball, and V-Square may have a little more pop and a little more grip than V-Torque Tour while also being a bit softer and a bit more of a pocketing feel. Of these Volkl strings, I'd give the edge to V-Square over either V-Torque or V-Torque Tour.

I'd also recommend anyone using these strings to at least give the Tourna Silver 7 Tour a try. It's almost like the best combo of all poly strings - the power, softness, and most of the spin capability of the more elastic and highly shaped strings, with the crispness, pocketing feel, and control of the lower powered shaped poly strings.
I now have just under four hours and the strings are notched at least half way through. I expect they'll break the next time out.

Currently, I've got the racquet strung with V-Torque Tour at 53/47 and one with Solinco Revolution 1.20 at 51/46. The ball response between the two is almost identical. Same power level and same launch angle. Only the Revolution feels crisp and pocketing when hitting the sweetspot where V-Torque Tour is muted and springy feeling. When missing the sweetspot, it feels like Revolution has more frame vibration, whereas V-Torque Tour has more stringbed vibration. Revolution feels more like you expect it to when you mis-hit, whereas V-Torque Tour has an unpleasant (to me) buzzing feel. Spin capability is a bit higher with V-Torque Tour.