V1 Classic vs. Organix V1

Capt. Willie

Hall of Fame
My question is for any of the play testers who have hit with both the Volkl V1 Classic and the Organix V1 Midplus.

I know they are going to play very similar but are there any significant differences in any category? In your opinion is one much more powerful, better spin, better to serve with....etc.?

TW Staff

I've played with both and really enjoyed both. I wouldn't say that there are any significant differences between the two.

For spin and better to serve with, I'd give the slight advantage toe the Organix V1.

Stability goes to the the V1 Classic.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Organix V1 didn't feel as stiff as the RA number indicates. I definitely recommend demo'ing both, as both are solid options at the 10.5 ounce range.

Jason, TW