V7/V8 Blade 98 16x19 tie offs


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Where do you guys tie off your mains on a Blade 98 16x19, V7/V8, assuming they have the same stringing pattern.
I started stringing just recently and haven't strung many different racquets yet.

I looked up the stringing instructions for this one and Wilson says to tie off mains at 5H, which I thought was quite far from where the last main comes out (9H).
I decided to tie off the mains at 7H but I'd like to know if this is correct. Could someone educate me on this?


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Reviving an old thread because I have the same question but I'll ask it in a different way. Recently switched over to a Blade v8 16x19 and having strung it a few times now it's been bugging me a bit.

Are there any downsides to doing as @RF_PRO_STAFF did and tying off mains at 7H compared to 5H? As they pointed out, 7H is significantly closer to where the last main comes out at 9H, and neither are you double blocking anything (not that you are with 5H either...).

5H doesn't even seem to have an enlarged grommet in comparison to 7H, and I didn't feel any meaningful difference inserting and tying off at 7H compared to 5H.

Some people might say it's a moot point because if it's just as easy to tie off at 5H, I might as well follow Wilson's instructions, right? But it seems to me that a shorter tie-off is better than longer? Aside from "Wilson said so", Is there something I'm missing here that would theoretically make 5H the better tie-off location?

Even the bottom cross has the same "issue", the last cross ends at 8T and Wilson wants you to tie it off at 6T. Is there something wrong with tying it off at 7T given it's closer?

Apologies if this is obvious. I'm a fairly new stringer (6 months only doing for myself and friends), and at least in my attempts to search I could never find the "why" Wilson's way is better and if anything I find many complaints on how manufacturer's instructions often don't seem to make sense, as is the case here (for me). Would I be damaging the racket in any way if I was trying to save every last inch of string and tied off at 7H for the mains and 7T for the cross?
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Found the answer in this older thread after more digging around. The answer is...the Wilson instructions are wrong, and even Wilson's own Tour stringing team doesn't string it that way.

Instead of 5H for mains, they do 7H to reduce tension loss, just like @RF_PRO_STAFF originally thought.

Great job confusing everybody, Wilson.



One of my playing partners bought a v8 16x19 recently. It was a demo racquet from one of the big online retailers so it was strung by them. I observed the same, their tie-offs were where you logically would think they should be, but did not match the instructions on Wilson's site. I decided to just do what I thought made more sense which was tieing off where it was previously instead of following Wilson's advice when I restrung it for him.