Valencia Preview: Ferrero vs Nadal


looks like its going to be a close is playing pretty well at the moment...but nadal is just playing superb.

my prediction: nadal in three sets.

what do you guys think?


Nadal pulls out with a mysterious "injury," takes a well-deserved week of R&R in a hot tub with the Swedish Bikini Team, then makes a miraculous recovery in time for the next tourney.


Why say you have a mysterious injury, why not just say I'm fatigued?

**Yay, I'm finally a professional!!!**


I'm pretty excited about the upcoming clay season. Unlike on hard and grass where it seems Federer is almost unbeatable unless a guy like Safin is on fire....I think the clay court season brings more parity. Gaudio, Coria, JC Ferrero, Nadal, and Federer I think are the main contenders. But in addition you have guys like Nalbandian and Safin who can do damage.


Hall of Fame
PLs guys dont forget TRI-CHAMPION of rolland garros returns to action at valencia. Hes got no coach and, perhaps a new approach and successful surgery will allow him to resurrect hes career. Guga quotes: "Its like being a junior again, a complete new phase of my career".