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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by buckie9, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. buckie9

    buckie9 New User

    Mar 15, 2008
    Hi all!!

    For the past i have given vantage a try buying 3 frames but i am still looking....

    First of all the 3 frames were not matched although i ordered the same code.

    One was as ordered 320g, 95", 31.0mm, 63 flex.

    The second was similar but at 31.5 balance, which was because of the leather grip (as it was explained to me). They weigh the frames with the grip type you order so when i swiched to a wilson grip the balance and weight changed.

    The third was way off, with a balance at 32,3 still at 320g.

    After playing with all 3 i realized that 32,3 balance was more to my liking but at 320g is a very heavy feeling frame.

    Until now i am still not sure about the stiffness of this 3rd frame. I have a feeling that it might be 70 flex but i cannot be sure since it is overall different than the others. Is there a way to be sure...other than contacting vantage which at times is an adventure????

    Now for the "more" part. It might have taken 3 frames and a mistake but at least now i know which balance is right for me. Although i have played some great tennis with this frame and can throw bombs from serve and groundstrokes it is still a very demanding racquet for everyday play (i am 40yrs and lightweight myself) so i am considering some alternatives.

    1. Same but with 100" head. Will it be easier to play since more powerful? Will control be compromized?

    2. Droping 10gr. at 310, still 6HL and 95". Will the lighter weight help me swing faster hence i could apply more power constantly?

    3. 310gr, 6HL, 100". Does this sound like the radical pro? It is the one i am most seriously thinking.

    Too many questions?:confused:....sorry!!!!!!!! :-?

    I wish i will someday get the guys at Vantage Europe to reply to me. I have asked them the same.....but still nothing.
  2. Frankauc

    Frankauc Professional

    Nov 11, 2008
    at first i ordered:

    95 sq inc
    70 stifness
    320 g
    10 HL

    I found it too stiff, too heavy and too hard to play with a 95 sq inches

    Then i exchanged it for:

    100 sq iinches
    310 g
    63 stifness
    9 pts HL

    and now it's perfect
  3. ir0-ed

    ir0-ed Rookie

    Jun 11, 2009
    I'm currently in the works with vantage and before making my final purchase I asked them about weight/balance guarantees and here is what I got in response:
  4. mozzer

    mozzer Hall of Fame

    Jan 14, 2006
    Do you still ahve the other one?! They are the specs of mine and love it!
    nvm, just saw you said you exchanged it ;(
  5. buckie9

    buckie9 New User

    Mar 15, 2008
    In my case it is obvious that there was a mixed up cause the one frame was way off, although i turned out to be the prefered one.

    What i am concerned about is power. Is the 100" lot more powerful than the 95 " ?

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