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    Okay have been wearing these Vapor IV for about 3 months (TW sale thank you).

    Initially I was worried because they seemed so light and the leather seemed papery and even creased somewhat like thin paper.

    Fitting on like a glove I was still confident they would perform well.

    And they have done well, quite surprising given that they seem so thin.

    The sole compound is rubbery without being mushy, firm without being hard, and seems to be in all the right spots for tennis. Long and high over the big toe for toe draggers, splayed wide under the foot pads and nice and solid under heel.

    Sometimes I've felt my big toe turn and pivot in the shoe, and yet they are quite narrow in the toe.

    I wish the uppers were a bit more substantial. Instead there's a lot of give there.

    I cannot quite define what it is, but although they seem light and flimsy they have given better cushioning than I've had in the past (a motley collection of cheap shoes, but some Wilson goodies too).

    Tongue is a bit short. The perforations for aeration I am sure is where they will eventually rip - perhaps someone can confirm/deny that this happens after time.

    Best recommendation for a shoe I suppose is that line "you can't feel you're wearing them" only in this case it does play out that way for you can only feel them sometimes if you're jammed up on your toes and they give way (due to insubstantial uppers) as they crease at the base of the toes and give way. Not a nice feeling.

    Disclaimer: I play a lot on artificial grass hence shoes last longer and do not have to be as protective as on hard courts. Hence I knew I could go for something light and fast and get away with it. Also, I am an ankle roller, often wear a brace, but so far so good with these shoes - they're standing up well so far.

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