Vapor Tour Lunarlite / Lunarlon Question


So I had a pair of Vapor Tour Lunarlite's last year and like them... I bought another pair this year (different color) and the soles are different.

Pair I bought last year (Orange / blue / white) say "Lunarlite"

Recent pair (Grey / red / white) say "Lunarlon"

What is the difference? The Lunarlon feel heavier in my hand....

Bobby Jr

Yeah, someone said they had info from Nike that Lunarlon was an updated/improved version of the mid-sole. I've had both and they look/feel the same - although maybe in theory one lasts longer.

According to an email from Nike (in an older thread):
"To answer your question there is no difference between the Lunarlite and Lunarlon. We have simply stopped using the term Lunarlite and this will now be referred to Lunarlon."
-Jamie, Nike Product Specialist
The Nike Online Support Team
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