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  1. I am going to post a review on these BEAUTIFULL shoes on either monday or tuesday with pics. Just thought you would let you know. So go on this thread on monday and tuesday to check for my review! Thanks


    Comfort: I have in between a medium and narrow foot and a narrow heel. I put my insole in which takes care of the narrow heel part. I also put my shoelaces in a certain pattern wich also helps my narrow heel. During the first hour the shoe felt quite stiff and hard. After the first hour the shoe felt like heaven. The zoom air in the heel felt very very comfortable. The only complaints I have about the comfort of this shoe is that the toe box are was quite stiff and was hurting my toes, (now it is much better), the shoelaces where cutting into my ankles slightly,(alsomuch better now), and the shoe did get quite hot inside.
    Durability: though I haven't used these for more than 6 hours, they did not seem to look any different than when I first bought them.
    traction: These shoes gave a lot of traction (probably because of the herringbone pattern). I felt like I could really grip the court. I am starting on clay soon so I am looking forward to trying these out on the clay. Will post pictures of them soon.

    Thanks for reading!!!,
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    let us know your foot type also. I tried them on... (will wait for your review).
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    I have a narrow foot, but the toe box feels very small on my right foot ( i think its bigger than my left). Its a good shoe though.
  4. Well.... there you go everybody!!

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