vcore vs ezone 2020


i see a lot of conflicting info about these two when compared.
for clarity let us use vcore98 vs ezone98 (2020).

i always thought the ezone was a yonex version of a pure drive (power).
and the vcore was a yonex version of a pure aero (spin).
but seems like from online reviews that it might be backwards?
most saying the vcore has more power and is stiffer (worse on the arm).

sidenote: steve johnson ditching the vcore for the new ezone... if pros just use diff racquets with a paintjob, why did they not just paint his yonex to look like a vcore?
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Let me chime in here. Note that I still need to try the 98 VCore.
I'll copy over the experience made with the EZone rackets from another thread.

- EZone 100
This one had nearly too much power. It was hard for me to control it. Spin could also be better. As a result, some balls went 1/2 meter too far.
I felt the Head Lynx is not that great for getting more spin on the ball..

- EZone 98
This one had a bit too less power, IMHO. As a result, my shots went too short.
The control and feel was great. Spin was lower compared to the EZone 100.
Consequently, I was pushed around by more aggressive and hard-hitting players.
All in all, it is also great racquet with a nice feel as the EZone 100.