Verdasco String and tension

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This is what is on the USRSA site, as members have access to look up players and what they use.It lists Players/ racquets/ strings/ tensions/ a # of events with the listing for each event individually, and the source of the info.

This is what is listed for the info. you asked for.

Player,Verdasco, Fernando
Racquet,Tecnifibre T Fight 320
Main Strings,Luxilon Original 1.30
Cross string,Luxilon Original 1.30
Tensions,25/23 and 24/23 and 26/24, and 24/22, and 23/22,(evidently a # of racquets for that event with different tensions)
Event/Year,U.S. Open 2008

The list does list a # of events, and most of the last events were the same info.

Also if needed: 1 kilogram is equal to 2.20462262185 lbs

I don't know where this StevenLaurence is coming from!
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I believe Priority One is stringing for Verdasco as of the Aussie Open. There is a pic on their site of his frames with one of their staffers. It is definitely BB Original.


From looking at pictures his frame has a 16x19 pattern but I don't think it is the new 320, general consensus I believe is that he is using an older Major Bullitt Elite frame painted to look like the 320.
I'm coming from Australia, BB original is not Honey colored transparent strings.
Alot of the players changed strings this week. I have been trying to tell you guys. But that's OK the Europeans get it!


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any updates on this?

Just curious.

If the mains and cross are the same string, the tension are different.

whats the idea behind this?