Very annoyed: Will Hamilton from FYB


I just smh whenever someone tries to pass off some not so subtle brag as 'advice' or 'sharing their experience'
I thought the same exact thing when I read the "Natural athlete here, never needed a lesson in my life but got to be a 4.5 in 6 months etc etc" posts.


Well another reason to he annoyed with this course - Will promised bonus videos to help identify opponent play styles and weaknesses. But the bonus section for this material is still greyed out as 'coming soon' - about 5 weeks since the course was released.
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Ask him for your money back...
Believe or not, WH is now ignoring emails regarding his "course". Before he was quite responsive, I have no idea what has happened.
Also, before he used "clickbank" and one could contact them if WH was not responding, but now everything appears to be handled by the FYB directly and there appears no way to "ask" anything, if they do not want to reply.
So I listened to Will rant for a good 20 minutes about his new 55% Advantage program with Chris O'Shaughnessy, Who's work I really admire. $47 - I thought, hey that's not to bad I guess. After this 'amazing, special offer' price was spoken about over and over again...

Then I go down to pay and in fine, small print "Per month for two months"

What a joke. Sick of this deception! Not once did he say "total price $94" or "two payments"

No sign up for me
Thanks, I have been trying to connect with him, but will stop from today and start my US tour next March, please spread the word too.
will takes forever to reach a point. this is a problem with everybody on youtube (hi it's joe here . . no kidding I can see that) but will hamilton is incapable of coming to a point within the half hour.
So why are still people listening to him!!
Sad to say I've purchased his videos before and at no time did I felt it offered much to my game. Yes, they all need to make a living but he is showing more and more unsavory business practices with each program. From over the top promises, to celebrity tutorials (think celebrity chefs), to now a mini bait and switch (and this is the not the first, his previous serve program was the same. A shell program at a low price followed by 'if you want more? sign up for with more $$$) Also it is disturbing to see many other coaches now following his footsteps and by now I'm sure most of your email boxes are flooded. He has in the past deliver good free content so I figured he might deserve some money for that. Jeff Salzenstein is alright. I've tried his program and it is not too enlightening but once in awhile he offer at least something insightful and original. To this day I think john yandell's content is probably your best bet. But even that is more like food for tennis geeks. But his business is fair and there is no cheese buy lines. I echo the same sentiment as the rest: get a real coach. There is no "oh use my program and you will jump 0.5 or even 1.0 in ntrp rating!" Nothing beats hard work and dedication.[/Q
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I like that newish racquetflex channel so clicked the link to their "forehand assessment" page.

$997 US for them to check out your forehand. LOL. it doesn't hurt to ask i guess.


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Anybody else getting bombarded by FYB ads now on YT? He must be out of cash again. It’s the 3 year old Navratilova/Bryan Brothers poaching series. I watched about 45 seconds of one of the free vids before I remembered how irritating Will’s teaching style on court is.

Navratilova is saying serve up the middle and keep the volley low. Simple. Clean. Will stops her mid sentence and delivers his signature overexplanation of a simple concept. The look on Martina’s face is precious. “How many slams have you won, Will?”

I remember he did this in the “how to beat pushers” video. The pro he hired was talking about taking the ball early and being patient, and Will couldn’t go 10 seconds without repeating everything the pro just said and then mansplaining it to everyone in painful fashion.

Ad blocker here I come.


One of LeeD's friends that I hit with in Berkeley had Florian Meier of OTI mixed up with Florian Mayer the ATP pro. He even thought the guy who ran OTI took a break to go back to the pro tour before finally retiring in 2018. I wonder how much of OTI's business is because of the confusion caused by similar last names.