Very rare article, clipping, pictures about the 1983 Stefan Edberg linesman accident

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    Sep 13, 2006
    "Pourquoi Edberg ne sourit jamais". Why Edberg never smiles. I've been collecting Stefan Edberg magazines and clippings for twenty years now, yet this is the only one I've found dealing with the famous line judge accident happened in 1983 (September, not November, as written in the article) at the US Open.

    I don't particularly like either the title or the content, trying to connect Stefan's shy and discreet personality to that episode and mixing up a personal tragedy with sports results. I like even less the scandalistic comment on Annette (back then Stefan's girlfriend), that you can find at the end of the article.

    Still I decided to share this clipping, because, browsing the internet, I can see there's still a great interest and need for information on this story and the pictures of Dick Wertheim on the ground and, especially, of Stefan's reaction contained in this issue of Voici are absolutely rare.

    After the many comments I've read on forums and social networks about the episode, there's one thing I want to make clear. Edberg didn't "kill" anyone. The linesman died because of the hit against the ground, not due to the violence of the ball coming off Stefan's serve. Any speculation on the weight or the speed of the balls, as you can also see in the table next to the article, is just ridiculous. Edberg's serve wasn't powerful, not even by the standards of the '80s-'90s. Besides, he was a junior at the time: his serve was not even as fast as in his prime.

    Anybody following tennis fifteen or twenty years ago has seen Ivanisevic or Rosset hit line judges with 130 mph serves and nothing happened, but a smile from the crowd.


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    I followed tennis closely in the mid to late 80's. Stefan was always one of my favorite players. I tried to emulate his silky smooth serve and volley motion in high school. I somehow only found out about this tragic incident recently. Wow, what a freak accident. Very fortunate that it did not seem to affect him psychologically as he went on to have a great career.

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