Vic Braden Dies


I owe a lot to Vic Braden. His PBS series DID do for tennis what Julia Child did for cooking!

From Vic's Tennis for the Future I learned proper stroke form. . . and then went to a local brick wall to groove it.

From Vic, I learned not to take the natural losses that come with the sport of tennis too seriously. And to keep at it.

Most importantly, I came to understand the sense of humor that's needed to persevere in this sport. At the time I taught tennis, I couldn't help but channel Vic's sense of humor in the work I was doing.


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i remembered reading his articles in Tennis Magazines when I was a kid in the 80's.

The way he taught tennis is brilliant by relating it to everyday actions we do in our lives. I remembered I went to one of his clinics when he was doing a road show when I was a kid. Made tennis fun and consumer friendly

He lived a brilliant life. He will be missed.

Kevin T

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I learned proper stroke technique from Braden's videos. No one in my family played tennis and our high school tennis coach was a glorified bus driver, so Vic was our virtual coach. :) RIP.

Bhagi Katbamna

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RIP. Great coach. Told me to hit the ball deep and down the middle and I'd win 98% of my matches. Still haven't been able to do that.

Mike Bulgakov

When I was in high school, I took classes at a junior college, and they had his book in their library. I really liked his love for the technical aspects of tennis.


RIP Vic.
From your book at the public library. I learn how to serve probably and the 2HBH. Go to the wall at the HS and practice hours and hours. The serve I learned is classic proper stroke technique.
My first coach told my Dad to get Vic Braden's tapes to watch. I loved them. For a junior player, he made tennis seem simple and fun. He had a great delivery and voice too, so he was great to listen to. RIP Vic Braden, thanks for all your tennis instruction.