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Hi everyone,

Winter is coming in my area and coaching costs much more because of court fees. Has anyone tried a service where you video tape yourself playing and then submit it to a coach in order to point out how you can improve technique?

I saw a couple websites that offer this and was wondering if someone would be willing to share their experience.



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I have done it for serves because it's difficult to find coaches who teach higher level serve.
(Higher = 4.0 level)
Found it very useful.


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Ha ha..... this belongs in the worst tennis advice ever thread. [emoji16]
More of a mixed bag. Some of the responses would offer sensible and actionable advice. And the best of them would be far better than you'd get from the average clinic-running, housewife-hunting, pseudo club pro.

But not likely better than balla (or Ash, since he chimed in as well) would do in a professional one-on-one analysis. Having listened to those guys for a while, I'd be fully comfortable suggesting them as likely sources of rock-solid developmental advice.