VIDEO: Djokovic and Nadal barely standing during Aus open ceremony


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Oh my :D

Thank you so much for posting this link. It's one of the most hilarious yet serious things I've seen.

Just look at Djokovic @ 0:11 - 0:14... The poor chap can barely stand on his feet!


Djokovic almost falling backwards at 0:40. :lol:

Both with hands on their knees at 1:17. :lol:


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@ 2:55...

"An ending that simply couldn't be determined until the very end (redundant much?)... leaving us all wishing for more."

Yo, I'm pretty sure there's exactly two men in this stadium who can't bear to stand another second on the court.


Dude I can't even stand still for 5 five freaking minutes lol, I can't even begin to imagine what's it's like after 6 hours match

lol i'm with ya buddy. This reminds me of when I'm in the hospital on rounds and the attending physician is going on and a on and on on chatting with the patient and all I can think about is how badly I want a chair to sit my a$% down in. Any amount of standing greater than 10 mins is hard.

If you dont believe me try it. get up outta yo computer chair and stand there for 10 full minutes. bet you sit down before 10s up.


Look at Rod Laver's face in the back ground as that corporate guy keeps droning on while Nad and Djok writhe in pain.