Video Tip to Tennis Channel

There have been some ladies singles matches on this week. USTA Women's Pro Circuit Las Vegas. Today is Nov 10, 2018.

I can't see the ball with the camera coverage on the side of the court as for previous days. Sun glare.....ball shadows itself....poor contrast.

Switch the main camera to the one on the other end of the court. I can see the ball when the camera on that other end of the court has been used.
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No kidding, I watched about 90 seconds of it and turned back to the cartoons. It's unwatchable. Plus the glare on the far end of the court makes everything hard to see. I can only assume they had no other choice for some reason.
I tried several times to watch it, thinking that maybe at different times of day, the sun position might allow a reasonable view, but it was never watchable.