Vilas / Kuerten


Overall i would agree with Vilas at Nr.1. I think, Segura is a bit underated. Rino Tommasi, one of the best stats expert in tennis, has him at 2 or 3. Good, that Olmedo is mentioned. Del Potro, as it stands now, is way to high.
Look at that : Vilas or Kuerten n° 1 ?
Vilas of course ! More Grand slams, more tournaments won, more records ...
apart from the #1 spot (and i don't even enter into the 1977 debate !), i think vilas 'beats' kuerten almost everywhere else...
(and easily)

W: 4 > 3 (only wimbledon is missing in vilas' collection, whereas kuerten only won RG)
F: 8 > 3
SF: 12 > 3
QF: 19 > 8

year-end masters:
both won it.

and in terms of longevity... vilas again.
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