Visiting ATP Masters Cincinnati -- two big thumbs up

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Craig Sheppard, Aug 15, 2007.

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    I just got back from the ATP Masters Cincinnati. I went with the goal of seeing as many players as possible in person--either practicing or playing a match. I have to say, Cincinnati blew away my expectations... If you want to see players up close and personal, go as many days as you can. I bought a Monday/Tuesday ticket package and went to day and night sessions on each day. Here is a list of players I saw either practicing or playing--and I think most matches I sat in the first row behind the players' seats:

    Fed, Nadal, Djokovic, Roddick, Davydenko, Gonzalez, Robredo, Blake, Haas, Youzhny, Ljubicic, Berdych, Murray, Ferrero, Baghdatis, Moya, Hewitt, Safin, Monaco, Tursunov, Neminen, Volandri, Hrbaty, Verdasco, Stepanek, Kohlschreiber, Ancic, Andreev, Calleri, Gicquel, Clement, Fish, Becker, O. Rochus, Bjorkman, Spadea, Ginepri, Lopez, Querrey, Seppi, Delic, Henman, Isner, the Bryan brothers, and Knowles & Nestor.

    I also spotted these guys walking around, but not playing: Mirnyi, Mahut, Ferrer, Nalbandian, and Gasquet

    I had to scoot and only watch a few games of certain matches so I could make it to others -- and there are some more players I just couldn't fit in -- but I'm not exaggerating... All in all this is a really great place to experience pro tennis, I highly recommend it... Compared to the other tournaments I've been to (not that many), this blows them away--even the US Open, IMO.

    I'll post a bunch of pics once I get them all sorted out -- took hundreds.
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    Wow, sounded like a busy couple days. Can't wait to check out the pics!
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    I am going to agree with Craig and add a few more kudos for the Cincy Tournament.

    Parking is FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!! This is a HUGE deal to me (because 5 days can really add up), and a very fan friendly decision. The grounds are not too large, and fairly easy to get around.

    Food and drinks are reasonable. 20 ounce sodas are $3 and this really good lemonade is $3 for a cup or $5 for a really large cup. Pizza slices are $3. Other stuff looks reasonable, but those are the items I have paid close attention to.

    $30 gets you a ticket to see all of this that includes the upper tier seats in the main stadium and general seating on the grandstand and two outer courts. Court 3 is small, court 4 even smaller. I have been able to sit just about wherever I want for every match I've watched.

    The practice court schedule is published on the draw sheet ($1) or posted at the info desk for free (the info desk one is more complete). Yes there will be changes throughout the day, but it's a good guideline and you can plan your day around it if you really want to see a certain player practice.

    My complaints: the hot, humid weather (but the tournament can't control that, up to the fans to come prepared with hats, sunscreen, bottle of water, white towel, and comfortable clothes); bad crowd control in some cases that could put players and fans in bad situations. Putting Roddick and Haas on Court 8 with a tiny sidewalk leading to it was not smart, in my opinion, and someone could have been hurt (I didn't stick around to see if anything actually did happen, it was too crazy for me).

    This tournament is comparable to Indian Wells in many ways, and better in some (everything is cheaper in Cincinnati, it seems). I might start making plans now to return next year, it has definitely been worth the trip.

    I've taken more pictures than I can count, but I am historically lazy about posting them anywhere. If I ever do, I'll post a link.

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