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Just a couple of questions:

I have been looking for a new racquet to replace my Wilson K six-one 95. All started when a grabed a friends k90 and thought i just found the best racquet ever. Everything just felt more solid with this racquet and when i slowed done my swing and hit through the ball i loved it but don't really think it is to forgiving. So i got a few from tennis warehouse to demo.

Boris Becker 11 98sq - This is one solid feeling racquet and feels so much better on the body then the k95. some how it feels like even when the swing isnt correct or you are late the ball still goes in and goes in really nice with alot of power. Serve is easy to place but cannot seem to get the same power as i can with my k95

Volkl pb10 - By far the best volley and hard hitting ground stroke racquet I have ever used I can crank out forehands over and over and just keep going for more and the keep going in. This racquet just feels crisp on every shot it acually feels stiffer then the k95 but feels easy on the arm so far. Problem is when I dont try to really go for a shot they start to sail long. This is still my choice as of now but one other problem is I cannot get a serve to drop in with this racquet almost like I cannot get the spin to drop it down. This does just have the demo string job in it and i like to play with MSV focus hex which is a very spinny string, can anyone tell me that has this racquet how it plays with a poly of some sorts in it.

Yonex rqis100 93sq - Nice solid racquet nothing wrong with it but not for me and doesn't compare with the volkl\Boris brand.

One last question how does the Boris Becker11 93sq in play compared to the 98sq? I think I might try that one also along with a few other suggestions that are on the same page as what i have hit with so far.

and hello board i am new here read it alot but first post


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^^^ I use the BB11 mid now. I moved to it from the k90 becuase it was more maneuverable for dubs play, yet still substantial enough for singles play (good depth, spin, pace, touch, etc). It's a completely different frame than the 98 sq inch frame. Lower powered, great control, better feel (IMO).

I don't know what you are looking for in a frame so I can only suggest you keep experimenting with the demo's until you find what works for you.


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i have the bb11 mp and pb10.

the pb10 is probably not serving as well for you because of the string. i love serving with the pb10. it's solid and accurate and spin isn't a problem. definitely experiment with the string and tension if you can.

i had the exact opposite experience on the bb11 when it came to serve. i got a lot more pop and power from it than i did with the k95. i believe that these two racquets can be rather string and tension sensitive, so it requires a bit of experimentation to find the right setup.


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Thx for the replies guys

I am not sure exactly what i want in a raqcquet either but i know i need it to be low powered, on the heavier side and more control oriented. I am going to do another demo with the volkl pb10 and both becker11's as i have not hit aqnother racquet that hits and feels as good as either of those.

any other suggestions for one more i can demo 4 at a time.

I use a poly blend (see sig) with the PB10 and have no trouble with the serve. I've also used a synthetic and had no trouble. My last stick was the k95 16x18, and the only thing I miss about the k95 is the sweet slice serve on the deuce side. I don't find it as easy to get as much slice, but I still have a strong serve and an especially strong topspin serve.


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Hey circus

When i went through the search function i did read a few of your post and liked what you said about the pb10. I have my first 4.0 double match of the season this morning and i am going to use the vokl in a match and see how it goes.
Hey circus

When i went through the search function i did read a few of your post and liked what you said about the pb10. I have my first 4.0 double match of the season this morning and i am going to use the vokl in a match and see how it goes.
Hey, madgvr. I thought of writing a full review of the pb10, but I don't really have a lot to say except that it's a great control racquet for physically strong 4.0+ players. Because it's heavy and has a tight string pattern, it can be difficult to whip heavy spin on a ball that already has a lot of pace on it. In other words, this isn't a Nadal stick. However, it's really great for redirecting or counterpunching a fast ball because it's so controlled and stable. Some people say it's not a great serving stick, but my overall service game has improved with this over the k95. That's partly because I've improved as a player, but it's also because I have good service form that involves lots of leg and torso action and I'm physically strong enough to hit a hard serve with the pb10. I've mostly been focused on improving the placement and variety of my serve, not just the mph. I would still like to get a little more hook on my slice serve to the deuce side, but that's mostly a matter of form, not the racquet. Sure, I could hit it with a little more hook with the k95 16x18, but I can place my serves more reliably with the pb10 and I've been told my second serve is heavier with the pb10 (probably because I feel I can go for more with it).

How'd that doubles match go?


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The match went great we played the number 1 line for our 4.0 match and one in a tiebreaker for the 3rd set. 6-2 3-6 10-6 in coman tiebreaker

Thoughts about the racquet after playing a real match

serves - only double faulted once so that is the good thing I cannot blow peolpe away with my spin serve like i can with the k95 but i found out that if i really hit up on the ball and reach as high as i can then the ball gets good action and stays toward the back of the service box. i can hit a good slice serve with it though.

returns - are absolutly amazing with this stick backhand chip and charge and the forehands are so good the other players were double faulting trying to serve to my backhand becasue i was spanking the forehands.

volleys - they are alot of fun even though this stick is a bit head heavy i can get alot of pop just by meeting the ball like you are supposed to.

I haven't jumped the gun on getting it just yet as i really want ot hit with the boris becker11 mid and the standard to see what i think more one these two.

i also grabbed the k90 one more time to check it out. If i could hit my big serve with the pb10 i would have already pulled the trigger so i want to mess with it a bit more.


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Demoing frames

^^^ When I demo a frame, I really like to run it thru as many situations as possible. I will play at least 3 singles matches with a frame. For singles matches, I usually play one big topspinner, one big flat hitter and if possible, schedule a hitting session with a 5.0 player to see how it handles the really heavy stuff. I also will play a couple of dubs matches to check on manueverability, touch, etc.

Without this kind of test, it's way too easy to pull the trigger after a single outing. So I think you are doing the right thing by continuing to experiment.
That's a good method, jrod. I doubt the pb10 is the best against heavy spinners, but I play on fast hard courts and don't encounter too many of them. Far more hard flat hitters. I do play with one guy who likes to spin ball after ball high and deep to my backhand, but I counter that by waiting for a shorter one that I can run around and drill with a forehand and approach.

madgvr: I agree that the pb10 is just great for return of serve. Because I mostly play against hard servers, I had trouble controlling returns with the k95, but the pb10 has just a bit of flex in the throat that seems to allow me to control the ball as I block it back. And the control's still there if I have time to take a full swing.

I also have found that I can keep my second serves very deep with the pb10 by hitting up on the ball. I don't have any trouble hitting the big flat serve with the pb10. I could probably get a few more mph with the k95 (which is a serving beast), but the placement with the pb10 is great and gets me some aces.

I also replaced the grip on my pb10 with leather, which made it more stable on volleys, I think. Worth considering.

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To the OP,

Have you considered checking out the legendary Volkl C10 Pro? If you're unfamiliar with it use the search function. You'll read a lot of posts/threads testifying to its incredible weight, balance and feel, and sublime performance (I'd say it's an all court frame, though it is indeed magical from the b-line.) A unique frame then - and one that shares the rare distinction - with the likes of the Pro Staffs, the PT 630, Dunlop 200G's, POG's, etc - of being considered by many to be... the holy grail!!! :shock::wink:



I went from the K95 back to my beloved Volkl Tour 10 ve. After using the Volkl for about 3 weeks, I traded one of my K95s for a BB11 mp just for fun. I hit with it and it felt good, but not enough to change. I then made myself use the BB for 2 or 3 matches and I really like it - in fact, I like it enough that I changed to it as my main frame. IMO, the BB11 is better in every way than the K95 and much, much easier on my elbow. I demoed the BB11mid and did not like the feel on groundies and serves, but did enjoy volleys with it. I use a synthetic gut in the mains and poly in the crosses at 56 lbs and get plenty of spin when I want it.