Volkl C10 and Yonex RD Ti 80 sharing a bag...

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So I brought up these two frames in another post and one of our pals, ciocc, asked for a comparison, but we didn't want to hijack that thread. If anyone else can pitch in, have at it.

About me: age 46, serve & volley upbringing, but much more of an all-courter now. My level floats between solid 4.0 to prohibitive 4.5 when I'm rather on top of my game... and I really love nasty doubles.

Took up with the C10's maybe five or so years ago when I wanted a softer alternative to my good ol' ProStaff 6.1 Classics. Both my C10's and my Ti 80's have some lead on their handles for a little extra HL balance. I use 17 ga. syn. gut in pretty much all of my gear and run my C10's at 61-63 lbs., my Ti 80s right up to 65 lbs. Since I only got the Ti 80's a couple of months ago out of curiosity, the C10's are still my home-sweet-home for now and the new paint jobs at TW (on sale!) have me thinking about grabbing two more soon.

My Ti 80's (12.9 oz. with lead) swing a little heavier than my C10's (12.5 oz. with lead), so that makes for a mixed bag in terms of performance. The Ti 80's are nicely stable and soft with a higher spin potential for me than the Volkls, and I even like the Ti 80's in a doubles setting where they bring more authority around the net. While the C10's are certainly acceptable for volleys, the inherent flex and mildly "tip dead" personality that comes with these can be just a little less than optimum. While not a real weakness, this aspect makes them less than completely outstanding for me at the net.

The Ti 80's honestly seem like a softer incarnation of my 6.1 Classics (similar weight and balance), so they give me more control and comfort than those Wilsons, but they're also up there in terms of heft. While they're okay for singles, I've truly come to love the C10's in that role. The Ti 80's can bring a lot of power to my serves and strokes with all their weight, so I also need to deliberately swing them for good spin to get a good margin for error on my shots.

I hit a one-handed backhand and even if I play a very busy tennis schedule, including teaching and coaching, the Volkls are supremely comfortable for me. While the Ti 80's have a flex rating of 60 compared with the C10's 63, I haven't found anything that has given me as much performance from a soft and cozy frame as the C10 - just not the same comfort for me in the Ti 80's so far.

I'd say you'd be smart to have a go with the C10 if that Yonex was more beef than you wanted in a frame. Everything is a tradeoff, but this Volkl has been an easy one for me to live with for a while now. Another soft Yonex I recently tried was their RDiS 1 Tour (95" hoop, maybe 11.8 oz., and lots of flex in the throat). That racquet was only fun for me after I gave mine some 3/9 o'clock lead to stabilize the hoop. Even after I tuned it though, I still got better results with the C10's.

If you need some specifics, fire away. I'll check back soon.


Thank you for your prompt response!!!

You rock, fuzz nation!

The only Volkl I have ever played (demo'ed) with was the PB10 mid. I have demo'ed 3 Yonex so far: Ti80, Rdis 200 and the new Vcore 89 Tour.

The PB10 mid is not for me. I cannot control the power (probably due to its low tension on multi string bed. Perhaps poly will be better???).

I like the solid feel of the Ti80 & 89T, especially on volley. My playing style is leaning towards an aggressive baseliner and trying to improve my all court game (on top of all the fundamental techique:lol:)

I am current trying out different rackets but not necessary will switch since I am quite happy with my current BA93.

I am interested in trying the C10 because:
1. heavier SW (320-330 range)
2. soft and solid feel
3. bigger head size (not sure if this helps since I have no problem hitting the sweet spot on my mid)
4. more spin potential
5. just because it is a Volkl :lol:

Your comments are helpful. Thanks once again.
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I played with the C10 Pro back about 10 years ago, from about '99 to 2002. I had 2 different paint job variations during that time, the second batch I felt were better. In total I think about 10 frames? I used the Yonex Ti80 last summer.

Anyways, the C10 Pro is the most flexible racket I've ever hit with. Great for control and an all round classic frame. I don't know how the current generation frames play like however. I used the Yonex RD Ti80 last summer. Its a nice frame, not sure I can directly say which is better because theres been too much time passed to compare but here are the main differences I know for sure.

The Yonex I find is much better in the spin department. Its typical Yonex, as the frame plays bigger/sweetspot feels bigger which is normal for all YY rackets. The Volkl had a softer feel on the ball but what I found the Volkl did was sometimes because of the flex the ball would just go and get away from you, in this regard the Yonex feeling a tad firmer was better in this department as it did not do this. I used to string the C10 Pro at around 65lbs with Kirschbaum Super Smash poly (yup 65) because the frame was so soft and the strings sucked at holding tension but I liked them a lot at that time.

One of the main things that bothered me with the Ti80 was I couldn't blast away on my serve like with past Yonex frames. I used the RDS001 Mid before and the RDiS100 Mid and both were quicker through the air and were a lot easier to serve with. The Ti80 felt sluggish on the serve.
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Its typical Yonex, as the frame plays bigger/sweetspot feels bigger which is normal for all YY rackets. .....

One of the main things that bothered me with the Ti80 was I couldn't blast away on my serve like with past Yonex frames. ....

The Ti80 felt sluggish on the serve.
Thanks for sharing your experience tennis_balla. I too find serving with the Ti80 too demanding in matches for my level. It really wears me out. On the other hand, I really like it on volleys, very stable and excellent control.

I was wondering if the new VCore 97 Tour plays similarly to the Ti80 as they have similar (but no identical) spec on paper. Nevertheless, I hit with the VC89 on Tuesday for 2 hours and I really enjoyed it and it was easier to use than the Ti80.


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I don't find the Ti80 demanding at all, but rather sluggish on the serves. This is just my experience and the way the racket flexes, or is balanced...I dunno I just didn't get my usual pop on the ball. My ideal weight for a racket is 360grams. I had the Ti80's around 350. My previous YY rackets, both the RDS001 Mid and RDiS100 Mid were much better for serves. Other then that, the Ti80 was fine.

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Just had a mid-morning outing with one of my hitting pals and used both frames again today. More of the same, but I'm also still trying to figure out just what I need to do with my Ti 80's to get them better dialed in for me. The 17 ga. Gosen syn. gut strung right up to 65 lbs. gets great bite on the ball, but goes to linguine too quickly - it softens and starts to move around a lot (not such an issue in my Volkls). Next up, I'll compare a fresh set of that 17 ga. with a set of the same stuff in 16 ga. at the same tension to see what that yields. I'm not going anywhere near any poly.

The stability and authority in the Yonex is great, but that sweet-spot can be a bit hot with all that heft. Fortunately the Ti 80 is much more spin-happy for me than the RDS 002 Tours I had a while ago. Those also had nice pop for serve and volley action, but I couldn't get cozy with them around the baseline at all. I'm thinking that I also need to try just a little 3/9 o'clock lead on one of my C10's to take its stability a hair closer to the Ti 80. I've done it in the past and I've agreed with a couple of other C10 users here that these frames are very "tune-able".

Have to admit that I took a quick sampling of the PB10 mid which a buddy demoed and it was quite foreign feeling. I'm pretty sure that this frame was strung with old poly, so the sweet-spot seemed nonexistent, but it was rather tough to swing around. I didn't actually measure that demo, but I prefer maybe 9-10 points HL balance in my gear for it to feel "right". I'd bet that the one I tried had much less HL balance than that.