Volkl C10 Pro Grip Sizing

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    Feb 24, 2004
    I understand that there is a special grip sizing method used by Volkl for these racquets. I believe the twin-absorber or something like that where all of the racquets are built the same, with the same weight, etc. and then the twin-absorber additional grip is added to make the different sized grips.

    I have a couple of questions with respect to this -

    First, I have 4 of these frames, 1 originally a 4 5/8 grip and the other three 4 1/2. I had the 5/8 grip reduced to 1/2 and felt that this racquet had more "heft" and a more solid feel and basically felt heavier than the other three.

    I had the local shop put them on the Babolat racquet analyzer (for lack of a better term) and it stated that the frames are the same weight, however, the originally 5/8 was a couple of "points" head heavy. They placed lead on the other racquets (and on the throat of the 5/8) and although the machine states that they are now the same, they still don't feel the same.

    Do you have any insight to this phenomena??

    The next question has to do with the twin-absorber grip - do you sell the different sizes of this? In other words, if I wanted to get another 5/8 and reduce it, do you sell the Volkl grip kits so I can do this myself?


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