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Discussion in 'Strings' started by b mathis, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. b mathis

    b mathis New User

    Aug 20, 2004
    Hello, been experimenting with back up frames , Volkl c10 pro 98 ,my normal set up is
    17 ga vs gut 59 lbs - looking to try some tecnifibre x1 16 or 17 ? any feedback with
    tension range and or set up , other than laserfibre prostock , nothing seems to come
    close , any lux alu users ? Thanks for looking ..
  2. jrod

    jrod Hall of Fame

    Jan 30, 2008
    I came close to buying this frame several years ago. When I was demoing it I experimented a little with strings (yeah yeah, I know the rules). Anyway, the frame came with a fairly soft multi strung low 50's and I though it felt rather plush and not mushy. I also tried a full set of Pro Hurricane Tour at mid 50's and found it made the frame play awfully harsh. I restrung it using a hybrid of gut mains and PHT crosses (both low 50's) and it felt considerably better, but still less comfortable than the original demo strings.

    My conclusion was this was a frame that tended to be sensitive to not only string type, but tension as well. I decided to keep looking around even though I was really impressed with the frame.

    Anyway, it's a popular frame and several folks may have some good ideas here. In the end you will have to resort to experimentation to get it right. Too bad about Laserfibre...
  3. fuzz nation

    fuzz nation G.O.A.T.

    Oct 20, 2006
    I don't think I've used any multi that's as soft as LF Pro Stock. If you've run that stuff in the C10 (my current frame), I'll bet it felt super-plush. I only remember trying that string as a hybrid in my flexible NXG mid as the main with a syn. gut cross. Tim from LF advised me to try it at maybe 4-6 lbs. tighter than I might typically go with a multi, but I didn't listen. It was too soft for me.

    BTW, the C10 absolutely has a broad personality spectrum depending on its string type and tension.

    One of my C10's came to me 2nd hand with a set of X-One Biphase at a rather snug tension and I really liked it. Although it's a multi, it has a nice pop to it where other multi's might be too mushy with not enough feel for me. I'll bet it was tensioned in the low 60's, but I can't say for sure. Looking forward to trying it again in these frames, but as a hybrid with a syn. gut in the crosses - just curious.

    I like to use 17 ga. syn. gut in my C10's at 62-64 lbs. Initially I was using that string in the mid-to-high 50's with these frames, but I started going a bit tighter to get some more crisp feel and bite on the ball. So far so good - the few extra pounds don't seem to be choking the life out of the string bed. I'm generally not interested in poly, but especially with softer racquets, I think it would be really counterproductive. I think our pal here "Rabbit" has had success with poly in his C10's though. You might be able to dig up his layout.
  4. Rabbit

    Rabbit G.O.A.T.

    Feb 11, 2004
    I have used the following over my C10 "career":
    • Prince Topspin 16 @ 58 - this string is very underrated IMO. It didn't have great durability, but it was PDG for $5.95.
    • Tecnifibre TR Pro SPL @ 58 - a dozen or so years ago when I started reading the boards, I thought string didn't make any difference. I think back then this string was $10/set and I bought some to try. It changed my mind about strings.
    • Luxilon TiMo 17 @ 54 - this was my long-time poly love. I bought it on a whim trying out strings (rather than frames). I hit with it, hated the feel, and went back to the Tecnifibre. But, I broke my last set of the TR Pro and went to the bag. The control of this string sold me even though I hated the feel.
    • Luxilon TiMo 18 @ 54 - I used this string for a time. It is a bit easier on the arm than the 17 but as I remember it, didn't have the control of the 17.
    • Pacific PolyForce Xtreme 16L @ 54 - same as Luxilon ALU only it holds tension longer and better. I used this for a brief time until I discovered
    • Pacific Polyforce Original 17 @ 54 - same as TiMo only less expensive and longer lasting with better tension maintenance
    about an 11 month break with the Dunlop AG100 strung with Pacific Classic 16 @ 60 and then back to the C10...

    • Pacific Classic 16 @ 61 - feel in love with gut all over again. My days with poly saw my arm get fatigued. It'd take me a while to warm up before my arm got loose. I just thought it was age, but when I used the Dunlop, my arm felt like it had been dipped in a fountain of youth; absolutely as fresh when I finished as when I started. Tried a set in one of my C10s and loved it. I switched back to the C10 and haven't looked back. My current set up is two strung with gut and one strung with a multi for damp conditions, all at 61. I may start hybriding with a multi to lessen cost a bit, but a buddy of mine says that the hybrid like that doesn't last as long as full gut.
    I'm currently thinking about trying Pacific Imperial 16 again. It is a more cushioned and powerful gut than Classic, but at 64 might be perfect in it and look great too. I love the blue spiral. At the start of this year, I ordered a dozen sets of gut from TW and I'm just about through them. I'll be trying Classic in 17 gauge and Imperial to decide what I order for next year.
  5. b mathis

    b mathis New User

    Aug 20, 2004
    Thanks for the replys ,wish we were all close to each other
    to do some serious play testing , just tried a vs gut main/
    gosen jc 16 cross set up and it feels really good so far ,very
    crisp at 58/60 lbs ,happy holidays to all my volkl " band of brothers " special thanks goes out to Rabbit , alot of
    good information always !

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