Volkl Catapult V10 V Engine(Further incarnation V1 Classic!)

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Leslie Kwong, May 30, 2004.

  1. Leslie Kwong

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    Mar 14, 2004
    Further to the comment earlier from Australia , I have more experience to add:
    Player profile:Level 3.5, all court recreational type player
    Single backhanded
    Recent racquet used: V1 classic 10th Anniversary ed. from tennis warehouse
    Yonex V Con 17 midplus
    stroke style: medium/compact

    #Impression: The racquet looks very ugly yellow colour with large logo of Cat V10 on.It feels heavier than 11.1oz(315gm) and it doesn't feel that it is 1.1"head light;it feels more slightly head heavy but it swing lighter than 315gm and very mobile at the net. The Catapult system produce a funny sound when hit a ball at rest but when hitting the balls on court, none of the sound can be heard.

    #Forehand: it has fibreglass in composition and it feel soft but very solid even it is not hit on the sweet spot. There is still power if not hit on ONE inch cephalic from the dead centre spot. This is real place of the sweet spot which is very large. When it on the sweet spot, it will have controllable explosive enjoyable power!It can produce deep loopy topspin, topspin drive and roll over topspin at the net! Control is excellent. # Backhand:
    had punch and slice is very solid and cut in low without float. The swing weight of the racquet is helpful.
    Servs: feel comfortable with power and control. I cannot do kick serve well only because of my own poor technique.
    # Volley: it is very solid The tension of the string is 60/58lb. i think it will have better control if it is up 62lb.

    All in all it is a better V1 Classic version for intermediate.

    Price: In Australia: $A495
    In Hong Kong: $A about 166 !!!!
    Racquet wide: 2/25/28mm
    Tension recommend: 55+/-7lb
  2. Irek

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    I am agree ,one for the best frame for intermediate to profi, sorry is not available in USA.
    P.S. Rabbit please try this stick.

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