Volkl DNX 10 MP v. Boris Becker 11

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Silke1c, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Silke1c

    Silke1c New User

    Jan 28, 2008
    What's the difference? According to TW specs they are almost identical with only small differences in swing weight and stiffness. The BB11 being the slightly (very slightly) heavier and stiffer. I'm interested in how the additional DNX in the handle and the 1mm thicker beam makes any difference. Official Boris Becker 11 club member weigh in especially if you have used the DNX 10.
  2. samster

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    Jul 1, 2005

    I have used both recently and I think I can chime in a little here. I have two DNX 10 MPs and two BB 11s in my collection at this time.

    My thoughts:

    I like the grip shape of the BB 11 better. It didn't take me as long to adjust to the BB grip shape compared to the traditional Volkl grip.

    The BB 11 plays a little softer and retains good response.

    I hit awsome groundstrokes with the DNX 10 MP because I thought it was a little easier to swing and a little more maneuverable. I couldn't swing as fast with the BB 11 and as a result could not hit as heavy shots. Returning serve was slightly better with the DNX 10 MP as well; you point at where you want to hit the ball and there it goes. Both are good volley sticks but again, slight edge to DNX 10 MP.

    There is more pop on the serve with BB 11. Less so for me with DNX 10 MP. Spin is about equal for both frames to me.

    I felt BB 11 is a lot more comfortable due to softer flex. I also felt the BB 11 is more forgiving for me who does not consistently hit the sweetspot.

    In many ways the frames are very similar and both are very good frames. I prefer the BB 11 over the DNX 10 MP for comfort issues as I have struggled with shoulder injuries. BB 11 also offers more pop on the serve for me; but I feel DNX 10 MP is a stronger baseline stick with a slight edge on the BB 11 on control.
  3. Seacoast Stringer

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    Jan 30, 2008
    I prefer the BB 11 for much the same reasons. Love the comfort level and nice sweetspot.
  4. bagung

    bagung Hall of Fame

    Dec 30, 2005
    i own the becker 11, dnx-10 MP325g and dnx-10 MP295g ..
    the becker 11 is in fact more comfortable than the dnx MP....

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