Volkl T10G2 Arm Friendly?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by zipper, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. zipper

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    Someone please help! I've recently developed elbow pain (pretty bad) on both inside and outside (one-handed BH) of my elbow. I developed it playing with a Wilson Tour 95, but played with those sticks for a year with no issues up until now. And played with the PS 6.0 95 before that and the C10 Pro before that with no issues. I'm going to stop playing for a month or two to give it time to heal. When I come back I want something more arm friendly.

    Here's my question: I LOVED the feel of the C10 Pro, but switched to the Wilsons to get more head speed for my serve and backhand. The specs of the T10G2 look very similar to the PS 6.095. Could it be that the G2 has the attributes of the 6.095 (head-light, med heft, open string pattern), but with that "Volkl" arm-friendly feel? If so, that's the way I'll go. Earlier posts say that the G2 has a firmer feel than the C10 which I would welcome (original T10 was WAY too mushy), but don't want it to be so firm that my elbow issues come back. Thought about the PK5G, but want something more headlight as I play a lot of doubles.

    Any insights on the arm-friendlyness of the T10G2 (esp. as compared to C10, 6.095, & T95) would be appreciated!
  2. BreakPoint

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    Feb 18, 2004
    Sounds like you should have stayed with the PS 6.0 95. I got tennis elbow a few years ago using a Head Ti racquet (after two years) and switched to the PS 6.0 95 and the problem went away. I demo-ed the Tour 95 and thought it was way too light and stiff and that it might cause me elbow problems down the road. Anyway, why not consider just going back to the PS 6.0 95?

    As far as the Volkl T10MPG2 goes, it swings lighter than the PS 6.0 95 and has a flexier hoop. I would describe the feel as a bit more "whippy" as compared to the PS 6.0 95, which I would describe as feeling a bit more "solid" when you hit the ball. The T10MPG2 feels like it has a flexy hoop but a stiff throat. To me, it has a sort of "wood-like" feel to it. It's good for hitting lots of spin but not a whole lot of power when hitting flat. I can hit serves and forehands pretty well with it, but I still like my PS 6.0 95 better for hitting backhands (one-handed). They're both very headlight so they both volley pretty well. But, yes, it is a soft feeling racquet.

    BTW, I just submitted my comparative review, which includes the T10MPG2, to TW, and since my regular racquet is the PS 6.0 95, I do make some comparisons between the two. It should be up on the T10MPG2 product description page within the next couple of days. You may want to look for it.
  3. NoBadMojo

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Parts unknown
    yes..headlight..med heft and open string pattern and flexy, but not as flexy in the hoop as the C10..it's good at everything but aint gonna feel like your ps6.95....i used the gen1's for a few years before the gen2's, and would estimate the flex somewhere in between the c10 and t10 generally speaking. you should demo one of these..they're really nice, and very arm friendly within the sweetspot
  4. altawolfe

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    Feb 20, 2004
    IMO the T10G2 has a larger sweetspot than the PS95 and is slightly more comfortable, especially in the upper hoop, which is more responsive. The T10G2 has less harsh feedback in general, and seems like it would have high arm safety marks. I found more control with the PS95 (played w/it for yrs and loved it)-- the sweetspot isn't as hot and therefore it is easier to rip a flat bomb against pace. if you're looking for good headspeed, comfort and control (with lots of on-demand zip), try the T10G2. Like the PS95, for a 12oz frame, it plays light AND stable.
  5. louis netman

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    Feb 20, 2004
    Hey Zipper, I've been the worst arm sufferer for a long time. Partially torn-rotator cuff, TE, knee problems, then wrist/hand problems. The previous posts are "spot-on" in terms of playing characteristics and comfort. Also, the Gen II has a little margin for modding if you need to fine tune. I just bought a matched pair after playing with the "rope-strung" demo for two sessions... With the help of my holistic chiropractor, a little touch of accupuncture, farm animals donating their intestines, and the Volkl T10 Gen II, I'm playing pain free for the first time since '94!!!
  6. Mies

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    Nov 29, 2004
    I strung my Tour 10 MP Gen II up with Iso-Speed Control (1.3 mm) at 27 kg. Now this is a soft multifillament string and even after playing with it for 5 hours (several matches in a tourney and some fun doubles): no arm pain whatsoever. It is a very comfy frame indeed.

  7. Rabbit

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    Feb 11, 2004
    Volkl is German for "arm friendly".
  8. Dedans Penthouse

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    Feb 11, 2004
    Volkl is German for "vocal."

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