Volkl tour 10 VE MP vs tour 9 VE MP


NoBadMojo and others. Did any one play with both racquets and if so any opinions?
I know there is a weight difference but I am interested in a comparaison of all other aspects like power, volleys, slice and so fourth.



I felt that the t10mp v-engine wins out in every category except, perhaps, maneuverability. The Tour9 v-engine just felt less solid and not quite as comfortable. Power was good and spin generation was easy but at net and on blocked returns I seemed to get more feel, more stability and more control out of the t10mp v-engine.

Now, I only played the 18x20 version, so the 16x19 could be quite a bit different.


lcw I think Andrew has a good grasp of these frames. I hit w. the 16x19, not the 18x20. these frames play like their specs suggest they might, but I was expecting the VE9 might have a bit more juice to it. I would suggest this frame to someone who wants something firm playing but not so powerful and more control oriented. The Ve10MP can be setup to play in a number of different ways based on string and tension..it's the better choice if the swingweight is suitable to you.


i was kinda disappointed w/ the tour 9 VE 18x20....it was too muted for me and the 98 sq in. played like it was larger...ive got mine for sale if you want it...just email me at "ema1l_of_lewis@hotmail.com"


Played with both, almost bought both but settled on the T10Gen2. The 9 has more power but still controllable. And the big difference is weight, the 9 being lighter and easier to swing. I thought they were both average as volley sticks. The 9 served with more pop. I had a nice controlled backhand slice with the 9 despite its lighter weight and mass. They are very different, try to hit them both.