Volkl V Cell V1 Pro


This new model version will soon be availble from Volkl.

I see that it's already available on TW US... (nothing on the European website yet!!?

Does any of you have any experience with this stick??
Looks like its a bit more manouvrable that the former version...

Would be really interested to test one.
Also how does it compare to the othe V Cell models? Currently own the V Cell 10 320gr that I really love...

@TWE Staff any date of availability of this one??
I created a post about this....https://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/thoughts-about-volkl-v-cell-v1-pro-2021.698459/#post-15673538

However, seems no one was really too bothered.

I played with the Vsense version for 2 years. It was really nice. Looking at the specs of the Vcell version, it seems pretty similar with a lower swing weight and stiffness down a bit as well.