Volkl V-Sense V1 MP Review


4.0 "winning ugly" type player, have played the V1 MP series as my main racquet since 2004, starting with the 10 year version of the Classic, and including extensive hitting with the Quantum, Catapult, DNX, Powerbridge, Organix, and Super G renditions. Have for the past year or so played a lot with the Pure Drive, Prince Tour 100, and Head Pro Stock version of IG Radical Pro. The lack of feel of the Bab and the weight of the latter two on my troublesome shoulder made me get this latest update of the V1 MP franchise. Hands down the best V1 ever! I know, a honeymoon, but all I thought of the Organix and Super G on first hit was, do I have to finish this match with them or should I just bag it and go back to my Classic right now? The V-Sense offers great access to spin, more power on tap than any prior version, and like Chris says in the video review, great on overheads! Easy to get RHS to hit wicked angles on passing shots. No problem on volleys, sweet spot is huge, and forgiving even outside it. Serves are very good, flat serves have more juice than the previous models and accuracy and spin on slice and kick serves is impressive. As a bonus, the V-Sense Perforated grip on it is the first grip I've preferred to the Wilson Pro Overgrip, so no need to be spending for/wrapping those. Very comfortable frame with a nice feel, dampened but not overly so. Amazing stability for a racquet that weighs in at 10.7 ounces with a Yonex vibe damp, and Cyclone Tour 1.20 at 50#. Highly recommended to any V1 fan. As always, YMMV.


Any other v1 lovers agree?
While wating for other V1 lovers to chime in, I'll throw in an update, five months later. The only change I've made is to go back to the Wilson Pro Overgrip. After some PT, my shoulder is ok (knock on wood) and I could go back to the Pure Drive Plus, or weight this thing up, but I haven't really been tempted to. Still enjoying it just as much stock, it has to me all the positives of the Classic but more power on tap, more stable against hard passing shots, and livelier towards the tip of the frame.

Fed Kennedy

One wierd thing about the v1 is that the performance doesnt drop with soft string. One of the few racquets that play the same with multi

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Doing a demo of this frame and have to commend it highly. Firm, but solid feel. Really maneuverable. Excellent spin even with the multi it came with. Serves like an absolute beast! I would say that the string spacing for this frame is just about perfect, and I like how the boxy hoop shape keeps the main strings longer for forgiveness.

The one thing it lacks is a bit of plow on groundstrokes, but I think about 6-8 grams of lead would address that.

I've got a V1 pro demo as well, but find it even lower powered and too dead/muted in feel for my liking.

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