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Hi TW,

Will you be carrying Vollaix tennis apparel in the future? They have great designs with outstanding quality materials and "Made in USA" quality.
Thank you.
Thanks BorgCash.
TW, I would be happy to provide you with our catalog and samples. I’ve been a customer since 1999 and I’ve been on the boards since 2000 (previous user name Brian Purdie before we had to redo our IDs a few years back). Our website and info is there for all to review. Any feedback would be appreciated.
I also request this. Top quality product. Coolest designs. Really the only line I will consider buying. Make it happen TW and you will have an order from me.
Received my first (of what will be many) Vollaix outfits. As someone who purchases a ton of apparel, I have to say the quality is absolutely in a class by itself. I’m so impressed. Amazing job, @Vollaix !!