Why do we sneer at vultures or 'vulturing'? If a player is not an excellent 'vulture' they never get near the kind of career win/ loss stats great players attain. Matter of fact, you can't do well in any season without being a successful vulture gaining nutritional advantage from the young, the weak, the out of shape or the old you come across hiding in the savanna grasses or near the water's edge. Ever stop to think about the physical attributes and evolutionary advantages that separated a winning breeding vulture from its less successful competitors? They include greater physical endurance and maximum energy efficiency in flight , enhanced sensory sensitivity and greater vigilance and patience to stay in position find their prey earlier, sharper talons, and beaks to more effectively separate flesh from bone and hide, let alone fight off rivals for the best scavenging positions and the more nutrient dense high protein organs. The better vultures are superb athletes, more alert to their surroundings and shrewder tacticians.

The eurasian black vulture (Aegypius monachus), is one of the largest flying birds. Many scientists consider this bird to be the largest bird of prey. It is about 12.5 kg in weight, 1.2 m long with a wingspan of about 2.7 metres .

The American Harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja) the largest eagle, is 86.5–107 cm long has a wingspan is only176 to 224 centameters . Female eagles are about 25 percent larger than males ( Think Serena Williams here) but they typically weigh 6 to 9 kg and males weighs only about 4 to 4.8 kg .

Filling your stomach on dying weak and the infirm, is a stomach that is filled with less risk of life threatening injury.. Its keeps you strong in case you go through a bad spell without any meals, or end up a real nasty fight. No tennis player gets near the top ten without being an effective vulture.
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It's always the other lucky SOBs, of course, mah fave only faces opponents at their peakiest peak and giving their all, no exceptions - unbullievable!


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When the point has come to being called someone who can vulture tournaments, is the time you can call that guy a great player. Cause he can beat his competition with ease