WANTED: Federer and Nadal clothing

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Vician, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Vician

    Vician Guest

    I am looking for several Federer and Nadal clothing. Since I am looking for a lot just post me what you have and I'll get back to you! My size is Medium (though I have heard some of Nadal gear in large fits like a medium).

    No sleeveless please!

    Bandana's are also welcome!

    Either post what you have here or email me at doctorvician@gmail.com and I'll get to you!
  2. Vician

    Vician Guest

    I'll be more specific in the clothes I'm looking for.

    2009 Federer polo in Madrid
    2009 Federer polo in the US open both red and black
    2009 Federer polo in the Australian open
    2009 Federer crew in Indian Wells
    2009 Federer polo at Cincy
    2010 Federer polo in US open daytime only
    2010 Federer polo in Shanghai

    2009 Nadal polo in Madrid
    2009 Nadal polo at Barclay's WTF final
    2010 Nadal crew at the French Open
    2010 Nadal crew in Barclay's WTF just the purple outfit
    2010 Nadal crew in Madrid
    2010 Nadal crew in the US open both black and the lime green
    2011 Nadal crew in Miami

    These are all the outfits I can think off. Pretty much any outfits they wore (with exception to a few and Nadal sleeveless)

    Matching shorts and bandana's are also welcomed!

    I wear size Medium in both shorts and shirts.

    If you have these and are will to part with them please email me at doctorvician@gmail.com


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