Wanted Head Liquidmetal/Flexpoint Radical MP grommets/bumperguard


Looking for Head liquidmetal or flexpoint radical mp grommets.
I saw that I can buy sets on the bay but was hoping I could find a more reasonable deal with some TTW members.
I had 2-3 sets that I gave away to some TT members when I sold my radicals & wished that I had held onto them.
Hoping one of those members may still have them & be willing to let go of them.
Please email me at tomcatvoodoo@yahoo. com


New User
Hi, could you let me know the part number of this grommet?
I found "Head Flexpoint Radical Mid+ Grommet" and "Head LiquidMetal/FlexPoint Fire Mid+ Grommet", not sure which one to choose.
Also the grommet for Liquidmetal and Flexpoint Radical MP is interchangeable?