Wanted: USRSA Stringer's Digest


Wondering if anyone in TW Land would be interested in helping out a high school team on a low budget…

Does anyone have a USRSA Stringer’s Digest from the past year or two that you have laying around and would be interested in donating it to a good cause? We get $300 a year, and balls have to purchased out of that total, so we don’t have piles of cash sitting around.

I do all of the stringing for our guys, and a few years ago someone on the message boards gave us their old 2014 edition. We could use an update, and I hoped maybe we might be fortunate enough to find another kind soul who would be willing to lend a hand.

Please leave a reply here or shoot me a PM if you can help us out. I can certainly cover your postage – no reason for you to be THAT generous!