Wanted: Various Federer shirts

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by hpaiste, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Jul 15, 2010
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    I'm looking to find these Federer shirts:
    1. Nike Federer Australian Open 2012 (Red) [M]
    2. Nike Federer Indian Wells 2012 (Blue) [M]
    3. Nike Federer Winter Polo 2010 (Purple) [M]
    4. Nike Federer French Open 2011 (Red) [M]
    5. Nike Federer Indian Wells 2011 (Yellow) [M]
    6. Nike Federer World Tour Finals Polo 2011 (Dark Blue) [M]
    7. Nike Federer Australian Open 2007 (Light Blue) [M or L]
    (All 8.5 condition or better please!)

    I'm seeking to trade some of what I have, which include:
    Nike Federer Clay Season 2008 Polo (White/Navy Blue)- 9/10 [XL, fits like L]
    Nike Federer Clay Season 2008 Polo (Light Blue/White)- 9/10 [XL, fits like L]
    Nike Federer US Open 2008 Polo and Shorts (Red/Bronze) - 9/10 [S Polo, M shorts]
    Nike Federer Wimbledon 2009 Polo and Shorts (White/Gold) - 9/10 [M both]
    Nike Federer French Open 2010 Polo (Blue/White) - 9/10 [L]
    Nike Federer Miami 2010 Henley (Orange/White) - 8/10 (Nike logo slightly peeled) [L]
    Nike Federer Clay Season 2010 Henley (White/Dark Blue) - 9/10 [L]
    Nike Unknown Polo Tennis (Dark Blue/Light Blue) - 9/10 [M]
    Nike Winter V-Neck Sweater (White/Brown) - 9/10 [M]

    If you have any of those Federer shirts, please email me at "hpaiste @ aol . com"

    Thank you all!

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