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  1. Micheal Chan

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    I am looking for PS85 St.vincent.
    5/8 or 1/2 grip size and butcap code : BSQ, BZQ, BXQ...
  2. Azzurri

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    Mar 6, 2006
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    Are you sure that pic is of a SV...it may be a Chicago version.
  3. Looks like you're looking for a later St. Vincent.

    The frame in the pic looks like fool's gold. The edges of the frame around the throat look too sharp. Also, St. Vincent frames didn't come with plastic on handle. And the current grip looks too narrow to be a typical Fairway that came on St. Vincent frames.
  4. Micheal Chan

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    Right !

    Hi. You're verry exact! All you said is right. I'm looking for a later model. looks like you Know about this version verry well.
    I wonder when was this later version made. And is there any way to get this frame now days?
    my email adress : midsize85@hotmail.com
  5. Micheal Chan

    Micheal Chan Guest

    What is the fool's gold?
  6. I meant the frame in the picture doesn't look real, but I could be wrong if the pic is just grainy.

    I'm not sure when the later version (no stickers inside throat) was made. TW put together a comprehensive St. Vincent story and there should be a link on the 6.0 85 page. Judging by how many later St. Vincent frames you see relative to all St. Vincent frames might give an idea as to for how long they were made. Maybe a couple of years at most?

    Sorry, I only have an earlier St. Vincent (stickers inside throat) in L4 and a later St. Vincent in L3. Actually, this later St. Vincent of mine has "Midsize" on both sides, so it must have been made slightly before Wilson started with the "80/20 graphite/Kevlar®" blurb on one side, as in your pic. So my frame must be an early later version :) Inside of the throat it still mentions PWS and lower/higher tensions.
  7. It is not an Illinois model in the pic because the "80/20 Graphite/Kevlar®" decal can be faintly seen on the one side if you know how it looks. Also, the throat grommets look closer to mid-to-late St. Vincent or any Taiwan than to Illinois or early St. Vincent.
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    Jun 20, 2005
    Thanks for the very interesting information you've provided here. Would you mind posting the butt cap codes on your SVs?

  9. Earlier St. Vincent (stickers inside throat (55-65)) = KYQ
    Early late St. Vincent (permanent info inside throat) = KNQ
    JK Staff (I think these were introduced later in St. Vincent manufacturing) = KRQ

    Also have seen KSQ, KTQ, KXQ, AOQ, and many others I can't remember, along with B*Q, like the op mentioned. Not sure of any apparent pattern, but I think Wilson retains a fairly comprehensive list of butt cap codes with corresponding month and year of production and factory location.

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