Warrior MP vs Warrior OS: big difference in pattern density!

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by travlerajm, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Mar 14, 2006
    I own both of these frames, but until now I never compared them side by side.

    I like both frames a lot, and they are similar, but I just discovered that there is a surprisingly large difference in string pattern density that goes against what you might expect by looking at the specs on paper.

    Believe it or not the Midplus version is much, much more open-patterned at the center of the stringbed than the OS version, despite the fact that the midplus actually has more strings (16x20 in a 97si head) than the OS (16x19 in a 107si head).

    On the MP, the distance between the 8 center main strings is 86mm. On the OS, that distance is only 77mm. This is a huge difference, and it reflects in the way these two racquets play when weighted similarly.

    The MP is a little more lively and quite a more spin friendly, but the OS is more precise, controlled, and solid for volleys, blocked returns, and slices.
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    Wow, 86mm, that is very open on the warrior mp!

    The best frame I've ever customized for directional control has to be the old Head Ti.Radical MP 18x20, with only 70mm between the 8 center mains. I stiffened up the starting 65RA flex with all the top handle mass at 9," and strung it with 18g kevlar/18g MSV Co-Focus poly. It hits, by a margin, the most pinpoint shots of any racquet I've customized. The spinniest setup in that frame was the 18g kevlar/18g MSV Co-Focus poly. That is a great poly cross that gets some nosediving topspin on groundstrokes. It's so bitey that the ball would sink deep into the string bed on volleys even on the stiffened frame. I ended up getting great spin on the racquet too with the low tension setup, but volleys were tough.

    In contrast, I can't seem to get my stiffened up 16x19 Head pro stock prestige mp to hit as accurately. Know I know why- it has 78mm between the 8 center mains! Accuracy on it is good enough though.
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