Was the 2021 FO the greatest slam comeback in history?


Edberg 92 was neither in the running for the slam record nor did he stop anyone from reaching it, as Novak did at FO22
How do you know what is happenin at fo2022? If you mean 2021then Djokovic was not going for a cygs at the time and his run was nowhere near as good as Edberg 1992. Djokovic did not stop Nadal. Injury stopped Nadal but it is academic now as unless Djokovic wins AO then Fo 2022 is a great chance for Nadal to have the outright slam lead. Even if Nole wins AO Rafa still has a chance to again share the slam lead. It is why the UsO was so massive for so many reasons. Djokovic could and should have slammed the door shut on Nadal and Federer. That is the take away moment for 2021. FEDAL got their get out jail card for free moment.