Was the standard Adidas Barricade Wide 4E?


Hi guys,

I have worn Adidas Barricades for a decade or so, and pretty gutted that they are no longer made.

I want to buy a few pairs from the bay or anywhere (new old stock).

Question I have is, was the standard Barricade 4E wide? I want to get the same as my last pair, but my label doesn't state width (or has worn off). All the shoes on the bay seem to be 4E wide so I was wondering if that was the standard Barricade width?



If you are looking for alternatives, I would recommend the Adidas Solecourt Boost or the Ubersonic 3 if you have wide feet. I had the barricade 2s standard width and they seemed to be wide enough.


I second the Solecourt Boost, as TW stated the bottoms are made of the same compound found in the Barricade. Plus they look much sweeter (imo)!

Tried Ubersonic 2 and 3, and although they are a tad more nimble, I can't justify paying $100+ for a shoe that lasts half as long.