Was Wimbledon 2018 the best slam since Australian 2017


We have had quite a few dud slams for awhile. I would say Wimbledon 2018, particularly on the mens side, was the best since Australian Open 2017. Great semi final matches, both of them. Great quarter finals between Anderson-Federer and especialy Nadal-Del Potro. A couple pretty good battles involving top seeds prior to that. The final was kind of meh, but everything leading up to that made for a very exciting tournament. I would say there hasnt been this many exciting matches and an intriguing draw as it developed since Australian Open 2017.

As for the women the most exciting slam was probably U.S Open 2017 but this was decent. Serena had some real battles on route to the final, Halep had some good battles early on, one which she didnt survive. Kerber being back in the slam winners circle was a big story, as well as Ostapenko making her first big run since her RG title.


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The best thing about W 2018 is that we finally got another Djokodal epic. I’ve missed them so much !!!
The only good thing about the Isner/Anderson servathon was reading the exasperated comments from people waiting for it to be over :D
The final plain sucked (damn that Anderson troll :mad:), except for the outcome of course ;) (and it got a bit better in 3rd set)


We can say that, yes. But it still doesn’t come close to the greatness of AO 17. Too bad the final was of USO 17 quality, would’ve been golden if it was Fedovic instead.

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Yes, without a doubt Wimbledon 2018 was the best slam since AO 2017...long over due.


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Australia 2017 marked the renaissance of Federer. Wimbledon 2018 marked the renaissance of Djokovic. Neat parallel.


No slam compares to what Fed did in Australia 2017. I can confidently call that the greatest comeback in the history of sports! I think it’s a toss up between W 18 and AO 18. Both slams had some great 5 set matches, but neither were epic tournaments either. If I had to choose I would probably go with the AO this year because we had another 5 setter in the final, and like the previous year Fed had to bring out his best tennis in the final set to win title #20! That’s epic if you ask me, but nothing compares to #18!!