Washington Kastles Squad Announced


According to the Washington Post, our Washington Kastles World Team Tennis Team was completed by player draft in Miami yesterday. The team "marquee" player, as she is called, announced last month is Serena Williams. Filling out the team are Justin Gimelstob, Sacha Jones, Scott Oudsema and Mashona Washington The league season runs July 3-23. No venue announced as yet. Could be the courts on 16th and Kennedy where they play the Legg Mason, but suspect they might use Verizon Center or other indoor venue...don't know yet.
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Is it Mashona Washington or Williams?

But you guys have Serena Williams, I wonder if she is going to show. :twisted:

Oooops...good catch...it is Washington..I believe she is Mal Washington's sister? Yeah, have my doubts about Serena showing too...you read my mind...guess that's why there are 2 other women on the team, right;)


Serena is a marquee player who is only contracted to play a certain number of matches (I think it's 3, it's on their schedule, www.wtt.com). Each team's roster has 2 men and 2 women regardless of the marquee player they signed.