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  1. Fearsome Forehand

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    Aug 23, 2007
    This post is a warning to be cautious due to some potential problems with sellers, ctromano (Chris Romano) and jt_productions (Joe Dono).

    Based on his recent For Sale ad, I checked out ctromano's refs and there seems to be some issues.

    While looking at ctromano's refs, another issue become evident. As a result, this post should also serve as an absolute warning about username jt_productions, Joe Dono of Spring Hill, FL. Many issues there.

    I have not dealt with ctromano but his reviews seem mixed. So much so that I felt a warning was in order. He does seem to have a couple of legit good refs. too. But scammers have been known to set up bigger scams by first completing a few small deals here, getting a few good refs and then playing off those refs to con people into larger deals. (The guy in Europe who took several people here for substantial monies a few years back did exactly that.)

    Romano has used at least two TW user names;


    AKA Ben Kanobie

    His name is Chris Romano, San Francisco, 1835 lake street apt 201 san francisco, ca 94121, phone is 415-297-5994.

    The other guy: jt_productions / Joe /Joseph M. Dono (Dono is from Spring Hill, Florida. Romano is in the SF Bay Area.)

    There are a few posters on TW who have expressed suspicions that these two are one in the same person. I believe they are two different people.

    (Again, there may be other aliases than those listed above.)

    ctromano / ballboy22 Used by TW username ctromano
    ctromano@gmail.coml Used by TW username ctromano

    jt_productions + others?: Used by TW username jt_productions Used by TW username jt_productions Used by TW username jt_productions

    (Again, there may be more.) Dono has used myriad usernames and emails on other boards

    A reference was left for jt_production by ctromano which is amazing in that it is the only positive ref he has among 10's of bad refs on other sites where he has ripped people off for thousands of dollars. jt_productions also left a ref for ctromano on the same post.
    jt_productions has used the joe dono email address on TW among others.

    Yet another TW Reference Section classic: This is the one that initially got my attention.

    Joe Dono has committed fraud on several other websites (banned from, and he has scammed people for computers, cell phones, paintball guns, car parts, cameras, etc.). He was arrested for fraud in Florida in 2006. He is about 23 now.

    There is no way to establish with 100% certainty who is who and what is what in an anonymous user name message board environment. Therefore, I suggest you exercise all due caution if you choose to deal with ctromano or jt_productions (such as receiving rackets prior to paying, or accepting cash only if you are selling.)

    If you read though ctromano's reference posts, you see a few suspicious things such as he leaves refs for users who don't seem to exist (irishcowboy?). And those same users never seem to leave return feedback for him. Dono has done this, too.

    To be fair, there is a chance that ctromano was unwittingly dragged into Dono's enormous mess via a past reference. (Dono has many scam warnings about him on the internet. Reading through some of those warnings, one has to conclude Joseph Dono is a sociopath. (Some really bizarre criminal behavior.) All we know for certain is a person named Joe Dono has definitely used this board under username jt_productions and that ctromano left jt_productions a reference which was reciprocated. At least somewhat suspicious that Joe Dono (who is a prolific scammer) would suddenly get a positive feedback (supposedly on a trade, no less.) I believe Chis Romano and Joe Dono are two different people. But, as mentioned above, a few TW posters suspect they are the same person.

    SO, again this is a just a warning about a potential problem and a suggestion to be very cautious in dealing with these individuals. The evidence seems mixed on ctromano as he has both good and bad refs. Even jt_productions (Dono) seems to have two legit positive refs one from ctromano. But, given his track record, if you do business with Joe Dono / jt_productions of Spring Hill, FL, you're begging to be scammed. Dono is known for complicated, brazen scams involving multiple outrageous lies, many usernames, etc. The guy has absolutely no qualms about ripping people off. He is a sociopath.

    The deal linked below should give everyone pause about doing business with ctromano:
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    Next door to Elisha Cuthbert.
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    Watch out for this guy! He seems to be back on these forums under various aliases...never pay via Western Union!
  4. Bud

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    Jul 23, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    Nice detective work!
  5. Brent Pederson

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    Feb 18, 2004
    I just got scammed by him as well! Damn, I sent him two rackets, he claimed they were cracked, disputed the paypal. So I refunded his money, told him to send the rackets back, which he said he did, but I never received them. Beware of this guy! He went by the user name Ben Kanobie with me.
  6. ten11

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    May 20, 2008
    Watch out, again!

    I have to give this thread an update because this person contacted me and made two offers last week. He still use same email address. Watch out. when in doubt, check out and back out.
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    Jun 2, 2009
  8. lvuong

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    Nov 14, 2011
  9. Fearsome Forehand

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    Aug 23, 2007
    Nice work. Thanks for letting everyone know.

    If I recall correctly, there was at least one other problematic deal but the thread was later deleted to protect the guilty. :)

    This fellow Chris has some good deals but also had some really bad ones. If you chose to buy from him, I recommend you demand delivery ahead of rendering payment. And given his track record, I would not sell to him unless it is a cash (not a money order, cash) deal.

    I established some time back that Chris is not Joe Dono of FL (who you should not deal with under any circumstances as he is a evidently a sociopath and has ripped off many people on various sites and well as a mechanic in person.) This sick tool was here for a while under username jt_productions and maybe others.
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    Apr 4, 2011
    Good job Fearsome
  11. LanEvo

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    Aug 6, 2007

    Yea, I tried, I wanted to buy those shoes he had. I checked refs. let him know the situation, and told him to ship and I will pay when I received item. But he refused, so I did not complete the deal. I have dealt on here for a few years now, and usually either first time buyers/sellers, even some with few refs., they abide by what I suggest, as I have pages of positive refs. But it is fishy, when he did not want to do this.
  12. bcart1991

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    May 11, 2010
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    Interesting. Was interested in a couple frames he's selling.

    I got one set of emails from Chris Romano, a couple more from Ben Kanobie.
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