thomas daniels

Since I wrote a post about watching the pros last time.

I wanted to share Roger's video in slow motion as a follow up post for you guys.

Here are some things to look out for while watching it.

"His contact move is very smooth and compact, then after he makes contact with the ball, his head is STILL for an extra 2 seconds, and that is why his timing is so perfect!!"


Pay close attention to his court movement, because he is flowing out there, there is no wasted movement at all.

I suggest that you...

Try to watch this for 2 weeks and let the video impress your subconscious mind during this time.


On the court.

Don't consciously try to emulate him.


Let your other than conscious mind do that for YOU and stay out of the way...


"If this seems strange and difficult to understand right now, just try it and trust that the process will work, because it works, when you WORK it right".

Okay then.

Enjoy the video, I ike the background music too!!



big thomas giving some solid advice again, i hope i see you some day on the pro tour, you will be great for tennis, look at mouratouglu!


I don't know what you're talking about but I already copied the Swiss Maestro's technique back in March and it only took me one week. Once you get it down it makes tennis really easy I highly recommend it.


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I think if I trained hard I could master the hair flick ohh and I would love to work on that hugging Benecic a bit too long technique.


The great liquid whip forehand of course. I figured it'd be a good forehand to copy because it generates so much effortless power and I'm lazy.
Ok but if you’re not good enough that whip hits back and hurts you, be careful! The more whip the more errors for the unskilled.