We need to sort out this time wasting BS right now

Discussion in 'Pro Match Results and Discussion' started by ninman, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Oct 19, 2005

    Woot someone else who doesn't play tennis.

    If you did, you would understand why the things namelessone listed are what give Nadal trouble. Novak is fast enough to get away with alot of things that other players cannot, and coupled with the fact that his strokes are better than Nadal as a package, you see why he is such a bad match-up.

    Both Federer and Murray are able to put Novak into alot of bad positions that Nadal cannot. Nadal was playing like 120% level of tennis, far beyond even his best HC tennis ever, and he STILL lost. Novak was playing somewhere around 80-90% and still won. Should tell you why this is such a bad match-up for Nadal.
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    Roger is the most studied player in the history. Any coach worth his salt would see from the get go that one of Federer's strengths is his brisk pace.
    Get into his head by slowing him down. Don't give him the chance for a fifty second service game. Make him wait thirty to serve ONE.

    In politics, you go after an opponents strengths and convert them to weaknesses.
    However, you try to do this while adhering to the established rules.
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    Jul 24, 2009
    Great how the same people complaining about possible PED use at the top of the game are the same people complaining about certain players taking too much time between points to recover. They're also the ones complaining about how players don't participate fully or at all at end of the year events, and griping about certain players thinking the mandatory scheduling for top players is excessive.
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    Ditto for squash where the rule is effectively "play must be continuous". As soon as you've collected the ball you basically have to make sure the opponent is ready and then serve right away. That's part of what makes it such an insanely good sport for people wanting to get fit (assuming they have the knees, hips, back for it).

    Any time-wasting (and I'm talking like 15 seconds) and you lose the point.
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    Dec 27, 2005
    some good points here:

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    There is a difference between outplaying someone and having a good matchup against that specific player.

    However, of course you open up with condescension and arrogance because you don't have a real argument, and you're probably smart enough to realize it.
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    The reason the time limit should be enforced is standing around so long when you are receiving can cause you to just lose focus. The stupid bouncing a ton, stopping, then bouncing again is annoying, and I hate playing those players at club level. When guys like Nadal bounce 10 times, stop and hold the ball, it makes you think they are about to serve, you will start to prepare your body for it, but if they go back to bouncing you get slightly flustered. If a server absues that and basically leaves the returner waiting all day if they are going to serve thats unfair. Sure the returner should be paying attention, but it should not be half a minute between points. Serving is a big enough advantage as it is, but the returner shouldn't have to be guessing when on earth you are going to decide to start the point, only where. Besides its not up to the returner to waste time after a point that may be tough on him, but if a server has to do a ton of running, they can just waste time. The 20-25s rule is important because it means the server does not have a huge time to control momentum.

    Imagine how boring basketball would be without a shot clock. The winning team could just pass the ball back and forth for minutes before shooting.

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