Weeks at #1 - WTA - How high can Swiatek climb?


The WTA has had computerized rankings for 47 years, and Iga Swiatek already ranks 15th in most weeks (not necessarily consecutive) at #1.
Below is a quick copy/paste of the top 15: So, if Iga holds on for another year, she'll already be in the Top Ten for this category.
I admit to being bad at predictions, but ...how many weeks do you think she'll end up with?

My hunch? I'm thinking she'll conclude her terrific career with somewhere between 175 and 200 weeks -- somewhere in the Seles/Hingis range...around 5th or 6th. And I think her overall numbers will have her somewhere in the top 5-7 of the OE, behind (not necessarily in order): Graf, S. Williams, Navratilova, Evert, and Seles...and possibly ahead of Henin, Hingis and Goolagong.




I'm not doubting she was a good player but 121 weeks at the top spot? She only had 3 slams, compared to Henin who had 7.
And then you have Goolagong with only 2 weeks.She won 7 slams--I think four of them with the ranking system in place.

Barty, I think, benefited at first by the pandemic rankings, but she did play great and was deserving #1 once the tour somewhat normalized.