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    Nov 21, 2012
    First post so go easy on me. I did try the search function but couldn't find what I was looking for. Im fairly new to the game and I'm just starting to understand more about racquets and what fits my game best.
    What is the number usualy referred to when talking about a raquet's weight? Is it static weight, swing weight, or strung weight? Even on the racket reviews on this site i find different weights reported. Sometimes it's static weight for one raquet and then swingweight for another(315 grams.....I thought swingweight was headlight 5 pts, etc).

    Thanks for any info!

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    Typically, two or all three of those figures are given. Sometimes you will get the unstrung, static weight, though the details should specify whether they're giving you strung or unstrung. Swingweight is a totally different characteristic of a racquet and will be listed separately. Swingweight also is not how head light or head heavy the racquet is. It is a measurement of how much force it takes to move the racquet about an axis, 10cm from the butt end of the racquet. The lower the number, the easier the racquet "feels" to swing, ( I use quotes because swingweight, while having a quantifiable value, is something that can be more or less desireable depending on how strong you are.).

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