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  1. sureshs

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    Oct 1, 2005
    From our latest club newsletter (names deleted):

    or Believe it
    or not!!

    Years ago while playing a Sunset
    League match on court 3 against
    <deleted>, a herd (gaggle?) of
    tarantulas walked across court 4
    and yes, part of court 3 while we
    were playing. There were
    about 50 of them. It
    looked like a mass
    migration. One of
    them went home
    in a tennis can for
    Show and Tell the
    next day with one of
    our opponents.

    While playing on court 5
    one evening, a snake came
    out of <deleted>'s
    tennis bag. It was quite
    large, but harmless and a bit of
    a distraction. We didn't see it
    slithering across the court, so
    assumed it crawled into her bag
    from her garage.

    How many of you remember the
    hot air balloon almost landing in
    the parking lot? It was struggling
    to stay aloft and landed shortly
    thereafter, probably over by the
    stables. Try focusing on your
    overheads with that going on!!
    I'll bet there are other crazy and
    wild stories out there.
  2. Paul B 40-15

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    several months ago, me and my wife were playing on the courts in our local park, not always the best place to play but the courts are free to use and close by to where I live.
    we were playing on one of four courts, I noticed a guy in the middle of the park trying to get his rather energetic dog back on it's lead without much success.
    the dog was running around for several minuets before it ran through the gate on to the tennis courts.
    the dog ran around the courts before picking up a loose ball on the next court to us.
    at this point the owner decided it was time to stop playing games and came running after the dog, he ran across the court next to us, not looking where he was going and ran straight in to the net, after he bounced several times and fell over the net, the cord snapped (which is something I have never seen happen before) and he fell to the ground.
    followed by about ten minuets of everyone on the court laughing none stop, meanwhile the dog came over and licked the guys face while he was trying to untangle himself from the net.

    ten minutes later, the net was replaced and play was resumed.
    this has to be without a doubt the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.

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