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Discussion in 'Strings' started by monfils is my homeboy, Dec 23, 2009.

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    Dec 18, 2009
    I have been reading up on spaghetti stringing and have a question. It says this stringing method is illegal because the mains and crosses do not interlace. So I use an O3 prince racket and was wondering if this is legal? I could string the racket as normal but add another layer of crosses. I pull my string off a reel so I could pull another half set and since the mains and crosses will be interlaced it would be legal or am I wrong?
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    go to the ITF website and see the Rules - clearly stating all strings crossing at any and all intersections, must be the same in all ways.

    Clear cut that even a miss-weave is illegal!
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    Not quite sure how you are going to add another layer of crosses.

    Case 1: Is more than one set of strings allowed on the hitting surface of a racket?
    Decision: No. The rule mentions a pattern (not patterns) of crossed strings.
    Case 2: Is the stringing pattern of a racket considered to be generally uniform and flat if the strings are on more than one plane?
    Decision: No.

    The spaghetti strings are illegal because their is one plane of half the mains, one plane for the crosses, and another for the other half of the mains. There can only be one plane. Also there are pieces of spaghetti and string used to tie the pieces from moving and nothing can be added into the hitting area except string-a-lings.

    USTA Comment: What happens if it is discovered after play has begun that a player has been using an illegal racket or an illegally strung racket?
    All points played stand. The player must find another racket before continuing play. A player is subject to code violations for delay under the Point Penalty System. If the discovery occurs after the match is over, the match still counts.

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