Weiss Scorpion 1.22 - notching and breaking - expectations too high ?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by dre, May 4, 2010.

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    Apr 2, 2010
    The strings were great while they lasted. OK, maybe they were a little too lively. My opponents were very uncomfortable when I'm at the net or hitting overhead shots.

    The mains got loose, started notching, and finally broke after hitting hard for three weeks. I would look at the strings after hitting hard serves/shots expecting them to break sooner. So disappointed when they finally did.

    The original tension was 50 mains and 52 crosses. Planning to string at a higher tension next time maybe 54/58...too much of a difference ? I depend on my kick serve to bail me out of trouble, hence the lower tension of the mains. I also read a post discussing tension loss after stringing and wondering how much I was affected in this case ?!?!?

    Question, I play 4x a week for 2 hours or more. Are there any strings that can take the abuse and be reasonably playable for a longer period of time ? Is that even possible ?

    I read alot of reviews and the weiss strings seemed like a good fit. I tend to break strings regularly and am looking for something durable (17), with good/great spin, control and easy on the elbow.(healing painfully slowly)

    I realize I maybe asking too much from the strings, but looking for suggestions from chronic string breakers.

    thanks for your help !!!

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